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xo, hannah

Oh, Barcelona

La Sagrada Famillia, Barcelona

I was introduced to her a few years ago and was blown away by her beauty, she had a charisma I’d never experienced before, an effortlessly cool vibe.

She introduced me to architecture by Gaudi and paintings by Picasso, I spent days wandering the many cobbled streets, sun on my face, eyes open in awe. I felt in the strangest of ways that I was home.

Now I eagerly await my return, soaking up Spanish words and phrases; my tongue loves to twist its way through the different vowels and sounds.

I look forward to playing with her down Las Ramblas, and relaxing with a coffee in L’Eixample District, maybe in the afternoons I’d laze under the warm sun with her in Guell park.

I think I left my heart in Barcelona. xo

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I think Halloween is my favorite festival. Being able to wear fancy dress (whatever your age) and eat lots and lots of sweets is just too much fun! My halloweens look a lot like this. What is your household up to tonight? xo, hannah

Alex and Rhi


Today my brother Alex and his girlfriend Rhiannon came to visit.

I was a little nervous when my not so little brother started dating, I found it impossible to visualise someone who could slot into our family dynamic, but then along came Rhi. She’s sweet, funny and perfect for him. They seem to get on so well and have a lot of fun together. What more could you want for your brother? Happy Sunday, xo.

P.S Alex has some serious competition for Rhi’s affections, our youngest brother adores her – note his picture hogging! 🙂

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Today I took a stroll with my new camera down to the bay. I live less than a two minutes walk from this spot and love it. You can often find me sitting with a hot chocolate watching the world go by. It’s the best way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. xo, hannah

C4 The Plane Crash – Did You Check In?


Did anyone watch Channel 4’s The Plane Crash? If not, and you have no idea what I’m yapping on about, it’s a documentary where a team of experts deliberately crash a 727 plane in order to study how to make flying (and surviving crashes safer.) Think car crash dummies on much bigger scale!

I hate flying but love to travel. I tend to feel sick about having to board a plane from the moment I book the tickets. The cabin crew can always tell I’m one of those passengers by my clammy hands, white as a sheet complextion and eager studying of the safety cards. You’d think I wouldn’t want to watch a programme about one of my biggest fears, but I was interested to find out some statistics on flying, (such as the fact that many airlines, including Ryanair and Virgin have never had a crash involving a fatality!) and I wanted to know which seats gave the best chance of survival in the most common of crashes.

The programme had a clever marketing campaign where you could ‘check into’ the flight, choose a seat and then check back after to see how your crash dummy fared. I chose 23B (the seat I was in when I last flew.) Apparently this was a good position and fared much better than 1st class in a hard crash landing.

Of course this test won’t give answers for every type of crash, but I applaud the attempt to try and make things safer.

How do you feel about flying? xo, hannah

Six months and counting…

I can’t quite believe that Mat and I have been married for six months already. Feels like yesterday he was getting down on bended knee. Seriously where does the time go? Before we know it we’ll be celebrating 1 year, 5 years, ten years… I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us….

In other news, the blog is FINALLY having a makeover this month, so things may be looking a little strange whilst I make the transition to, I’m looking forward to a regular posting schedule again soon!

Happy weekend, xo hannah

Turns out I’m a Nikon girl

Do you remember this post, where I listed 26 things I wanted to do at 26? Well I’m pleased to report that I can cross one of those items off, as from this morning I am the proud owner of a DSLR! Yay!

I’d been thinking about upgrading my point & shoot for a while now and looking at beautiful images from other blogs was the push I needed. So I asked around and did a lot of research, {meaning I watched a whole lotta youtube videos} before narrowing my choices to the Nikon D3100 and the Canon 550d, (Otherwise known as the Rebel T2i.) Both are fantastic entry level cameras; but the Nikon felt more comfortable in my hand, plus it had a guide mode {essential for a photography newbie like me} and it was over £100 cheaper. Sold!

I also picked up a ‘nifty fifty,’ otherwise known as a 50mm 1.8 lens. I saved some money by purchasing the cheaper manual version rather than automatic focus, but hopefully with some practice I’ll master the technique. Here are the first shots I’ve taken with it,  so far I’m pretty impressed…

Rain on window pane

I have lots to learn and am going to attend a course with my mum in the new year, to help me along, I can’t wait.

The only thing I need now is a decent camera bag, I quite fancy one which doubles as a handbag, maybe some sort of leather satchel?

If you have any suggestions for bags or kit I’d love to hear about them. xo, Hannah

This Autumn I’m looking forward to…

Breaking out the wellies, who doesn’t love Hunters?

Making delicious candy apples.

Taking brisk walks in the cool air and scrunching golden leaves under my shoes.

Watching scary movies under the blankets.

Learning to take lots of pictures on my new SLR camera. {Which I’m buying tomorrow!}

Decorating my flat for Halloween.

Wearing lovely warm jumpers and investing in some new ones.

Gathering our friends together for Bonfire night.

and spending time with my little man, Luca, over half-term.

Do you love the changing of seasons too? What are you most looking forward to doing? xo, hannah

and baby makes three {almost}

This is a post that I almost didn’t write. In fact I’ve ummed and ahhed about it for weeks, before finally deciding to share.

Last year when Mat and I were in the chaos of wedding planning we made a decision. A huge life changing decision. We wanted to start a family, immediately!

I’d always known that I wanted kids, I just thought It’d be in my early 30’s after I’d had a career, I never expected that I’d fall in love so young and get married at 25. Mat never wanted kids. He said they were a drain on the finances. So we were both surprised when our baby fever hit. We went from discussing backpacking around Australia, to talking about settling down and creating a new life together. We wanted to become a family of three and it was all we could think about.

Whilst neither of us were where we wanted to be career wise, we were in a stable and loving relationship, with enough money to see us through. We each felt ready, financially and emotionally so we decided the time was right to stop taking precautions and let nature do it’s thing.

Once you make that monumental decision, you kinda hope {or in my case expect} for it to happen straight away. It’s seriously hard to have to wait. and wait. and wait…

I was surprised to find that my menstrual cycle didn’t return after finishing my last contraceptive patch. It took over six months and intervention from my doctor to induce a period and even now, over a year later my cycles are erratic. I couldn’t understand why body was reacting this way, as prior to the patch my cycle was like clockwork. I found it increasingly frustrating as the months wore on and I started to get more obsessed with the ‘ins and outs’ of baby making which I suspect hasn’t helped matters.

I went for test after test and finally got my answer last week, I have PCOS and raised prolactin levels.

Everything suddenly made sense as over the past year I’ve struggled with other symptoms, such as weight gain and acne on my chin and jawline. Small things, but they had made me very self-conscious and down about my appearance. I felt relieved to have a diagnosis and feel more positive that now we know what the issue is we can take a step forward.

Right now we are playing another waiting game, to be referred to a specialist. I’m still in the early stages of diagnosis and aren’t quite sure what this means for me and my fertility so I will feel much better when I’ve talked things through with a professional. In the mean time I’m going to keep having fun trying with my husband and ward off those well intentioned but oh-so-annoying ‘when are you two going to have a baby’ questions with a polite smile.

I really feel for those who have been trying longer than us, a year {which I know is nothing} already feels like a lifetime. Whenever I feel down about our situation, Mat reminds me that we found each other young, we’ve got time on our side and it will happen for us, and when it does it’s going to be amazing.

Thanks for letting me share, xo hannah

p.s I was hunting for a picture to use with this post and thought I’d use one from our wedding ceremony. Every time I look at it I think of our commitment to each other and our future together.


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