Alex and Rhi


Today my brother Alex and his girlfriend Rhiannon came to visit.

I was a little nervous when my not so little brother started dating, I found it impossible to visualise someone who could slot into our family dynamic, but then along came Rhi. She’s sweet, funny and perfect for him. They seem to get on so well and have a lot of fun together. What more could you want for your brother? Happy Sunday, xo.

P.S Alex has some serious competition for Rhi’s affections, our youngest brother adores her – note his picture hogging! 🙂


Sitting on the dock of the bay

Today I took a stroll with my new camera down to the bay. I live less than a two minutes walk from this spot and love it. You can often find me sitting with a hot chocolate watching the world go by. It’s the best way to spend a Tuesday afternoon. xo, hannah

Turns out I’m a Nikon girl

Do you remember this post, where I listed 26 things I wanted to do at 26? Well I’m pleased to report that I can cross one of those items off, as from this morning I am the proud owner of a DSLR! Yay!

I’d been thinking about upgrading my point & shoot for a while now and looking at beautiful images from other blogs was the push I needed. So I asked around and did a lot of research, {meaning I watched a whole lotta youtube videos} before narrowing my choices to the Nikon D3100 and the Canon 550d, (Otherwise known as the Rebel T2i.) Both are fantastic entry level cameras; but the Nikon felt more comfortable in my hand, plus it had a guide mode {essential for a photography newbie like me} and it was over £100 cheaper. Sold!

I also picked up a ‘nifty fifty,’ otherwise known as a 50mm 1.8 lens. I saved some money by purchasing the cheaper manual version rather than automatic focus, but hopefully with some practice I’ll master the technique. Here are the first shots I’ve taken with it,  so far I’m pretty impressed…

Rain on window pane

I have lots to learn and am going to attend a course with my mum in the new year, to help me along, I can’t wait.

The only thing I need now is a decent camera bag, I quite fancy one which doubles as a handbag, maybe some sort of leather satchel?

If you have any suggestions for bags or kit I’d love to hear about them. xo, Hannah


Is it just me, or do you now find yourself leaving your ‘proper’ camera at home and just taking your iphone? I’m no photography expert but I love the results I get from my iphone’s 4S camera and I like the convenience of having a pretty good point and shoot at my disposal 24/7.

Here’s a few shots I took a little while back that I wouldn’t have taken if I didn’t have my phone in my back pocket. Whenever I see them I’m reminded what a great day M and I had…

I don’t know the first thing about photography, but I am really interested to learn more, so as an early birthday treat to myself, I bought an e-book called Iphone Photography by Misho Baranovic, a street iphoneographer who has showcased his work in galleries throughout the world. I also bought an olloclip which is a clip on lens that attaches easily to the iphone iteslf and allows a micro, wide angle and fish eye view.

I’m excited to get out there and take many more snaps to add to my family album!

Do you find yourself using your phone as a camera more? Which apps do you use? xo

*Remember this post last month? Results on the blog soon! Follow me on instagram @hana_richards

I heart NYC

I’ve decided that the husband and I need a holiday. It feels like ages since we went to Egypt back in April for our honeymoon.

As a couple we LOVE our city breaks, the hustle and bustle, trying to cram site-seeing into a couple of days.

One of our favourite holidays was New York City, we went with two friends and had the best time eating corn dogs and sipping Cosmo cocktails!

My strongest memory of New York was on St Patricks day in 2010, the four of us took one of those paddle boats out onto central park lake and took turns to steer. I thought for sure we we’re going to end up in with the turtles! It was one of the happiest days of my life, we all still talk about it now.

I love the sense of adventure holidays bring; exploring new territories, building new memories, the freedom and feeling really alive, seeing the world and making the most of it.

Where’s your favourite city break? xo, Hannah

Photo-A-Day August Challenge

I’ve found a new blog which I’m enjoying lots. Its called Fat Mum Slim written by a fantastic, witty blogger named Chantelle.

Her post today was an invitation to take part in a photo challenge. The premise is simple, each day take a picture of that day’s theme {listed below} and post the results online with the hashtag #photoadayaug. I love this idea as I’ve been meaning to take more pictures and this will give me the perfect opportunity to do just that!

I’ll be posting my pictures to my twitter and instagram feeds, {find me on @hana_richards} before doing a post here at the end of the month, can’t wait to see the final results, but no matter what it’s a great feeling to be inspired by something creative.

Will you be following along? I’d love to see how some of the themes are interpreted, happy snapping! xo

Tenby, how I love you so!

Do you have a special place that you just love to visit? For me it’s Tenby, West Wales.

I used to spend weeks at a time there staying with family during the summer holidays. Everytime I go I feel happy, safe and connected to my grandparents who have sadly passed.

Each little area of Pembrokeshire evokes different memories and I love sharing those with Mat and hopefully one day our children too!

We’re off to Tenby again this weekend, but here’s some iphone snaps from our last visit…






What are your weekend plans?

Xo, hannah

Greetings from Egypt

Hello all,

I’m enjoying life as a newlywed and especially enjoying it in Egypt! Couldn’t go a week without blogging, so until I resume a more regular schedule next week, here’s some hol pics to tide you over!

Full holiday report (with plenty of snaps) coming soon! Xx

Ps. Wish you were here!




This week i’m loving….

I can’t believe another month is over already, how fast is this year going? Here’s what I was loving in March…

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