C4 The Plane Crash – Did You Check In?


Did anyone watch Channel 4’s The Plane Crash? If not, and you have no idea what I’m yapping on about, it’s a documentary where a team of experts deliberately crash a 727 plane in order to study how to make flying (and surviving crashes safer.) Think car crash dummies on much bigger scale!

I hate flying but love to travel. I tend to feel sick about having to board a plane from the moment I book the tickets. The cabin crew can always tell I’m one of those passengers by my clammy hands, white as a sheet complextion and eager studying of the safety cards. You’d think I wouldn’t want to watch a programme about one of my biggest fears, but I was interested to find out some statistics on flying, (such as the fact that many airlines, including Ryanair and Virgin have never had a crash involving a fatality!) and I wanted to know which seats gave the best chance of survival in the most common of crashes.

The programme had a clever marketing campaign where you could ‘check into’ the flight, choose a seat and then check back after to see how your crash dummy fared. I chose 23B (the seat I was in when I last flew.) Apparently this was a good position and fared much better than 1st class in a hard crash landing.

Of course this test won’t give answers for every type of crash, but I applaud the attempt to try and make things safer.

How do you feel about flying? xo, hannah


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