A short and sweet post today, but I stumbled across this Roald Dahl quote and just wanted to share. Happy Monday! xo

P.s I don’t know the original illustration source so drop me a comment if can identify it!

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Mood music: Devil’s Thunder

Do you ever get those days where you just want to curl up in a warm bed, draw the curtains and shut out the rest of the world?

I kinda feel like that today. So I’m doing just that, with Rachael Cantu’s Devil’s Thunder playing in the background. xo

Three small goals

I’ve set myself a challenge. Albeit a small one, three small goals to achieve by the end of the year. They’re all things I’ve been meaning to do, but never got round to actually just “doing.”


1. I spend a fortune buying lunch. I’m lazy and never plan in advance what I’m going to eat each week. I figured if I saved money by bringing in food from home for each of the days that I’m in work, then at the end of the month I could treat myself to something, a new lippy or piece of skincare prehaps?

2. My second goal ties in quite nicely to my first, I spend money without thinking about it. I dread to think how many times I’ve picked stuff up without actually bothering to check the price. A classic example of this was when I bought a Boots umbrella for £18, the shame! So I plan to take out cash at the start of the month and depend on that for the majority of purchases, money feels much more real in coins than plastic!

3. I have the best intentions to take more photos, but often get side-tracked and forget to whip my camera out. I’m thinking about starting Project Life which will hopefully make me document things more. I’m never going to look back in years to come and say “I wish I’d taken less pics!”

Do you set goals for yourself too?

I’ll report back with how I get on, xo hannah

A Birthday in Bath, Part 2

Good morning and happy Monday! {It’s happy as I’m writing this from the comfort of my living room, rather than being at work! The joy of an extended holiday.} Before I dive into sharing more pictures of my birthday weekend, here’s the link to part 1, in case you missed it.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, just look at that beautiful blue sky, without a cloud in sight. It meant we were able to walk freely around the streets and enjoy lengthy stays in one of the many square grass courtyards, doing nothing but people watching.

I loved the architecture of the houses. Row upon row of elegant and expensive looking homes, all uniform in colour. Oh to live in a house like this…

It was as we were walking that we came across The Jane Austen Centre. I, like most English graduates studied quite a few of Austen’s novels and whilst I can’t claim to be a ‘huge fan,’ I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a nose around. To be honest I was a little disappointed. I thought {and this was my fault for not doing my homework,} that the centre was where Jane lived in Bath, {I was to find she lived a few doors up, in what is now a dentist practice} and would house some of her personal possessions. It’s actually an exhibition housing paraphernalia relating to the regency period in Bath. The gift shop however was very good and well worth a visit.

A picture of a man

A picture of afternoon tea

After a walk around the magnificent Bath Abbey, we filled our bellies with an afternoon tea for two and headed for home. I had the perfect birthday.

I suspect there was a lot of Bath that we didn’t experience. {The stuff that only locals and those in the know get to hear about.} I’m planning a return trip very soon. So if anyone has any recommendations for things to see and do, please leave me a comment. xo

A birthday in Bath, Part 1

Mat and I have a tradition where we try to go ‘away’ to celebrate our birthdays, last year we were in Madrid for mine and the year before that NYC for his. This year, for my 26th, we decided to stay closer to home and visit Bath, a sweet city full of Georgian architecture, about an hours train ride from home.

It’s a city I’d often been to in passing, but never really taken the time to walk along the streets and soak up the ambiance. It really is a beautiful place, full of history and charm and museums galore. I thought I’d share a few details about our trip with you today…

One of the things I liked about Bath was the fact that the train station {Bath Spa} quite literally drops you off in the heart of the city, within walking distance to everything, the shops, arcades, theatre, abbey and the Roman Baths Museum. This was where Mat and I found ourselves on Friday morning and decided to take a look.

It’s an awe-inspiring place where you get to literally walk where the Roman’s walked on 2000 year old pavements. The museum hands out these nifty ‘phone-like’ devices so that you can listen to commentaries by different historians as you move around the centre. I found it so interesting and was definitely one of the highlights of our stay.

I couldn’t stop looking at the skeleton of a man, wondering what life was like for him. His DNA shows that he was Mediterranean in descent which makes me wonder what he was doing in Bath, trading, or like us just visiting?

On our exit, we had the chance to sample some of the water. (The Bath, is the only natural hot spring in the UK,) it was a strangely sweet and warm, which just sums up exactly what we thought of this very lovely museum.

I took way to many pictures to squeeze into one post, part 2 of A Birthday in Bath coming tomorrow. Have a great weekend, xo


26 things to do at 26

In a few days I turn 26. {Yikes, no more 19-25 box ticking and hello 26-34!} 25 was a good year for me, I started this little blog, got married to the greatest man and realised what I want to do with my life. I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve in the next year and made a little list…

1. Teach myself Spanish.

2. Keep more dates night with Mathew, and photograph them more.

3. Buy a digital SLR and use it!

4. Look for a house.

5.Learn to forget the small stuff.

6. Take a trip to Edinburgh.

7.Bake a birthday cake.

8. Make new friends.

9. Have a blog makeover. {Uber-excited about this one!}

10. Surround myself with positivity. {People, work, reading material}

11. Make ice cream from scratch.

12. Grow my blog, work on features.

13, Stay in bed all day with my husband. {This may involve building a fort!}

14. Make new Christmas traditions.

15. Master Photoshop. I.CAN.DO.IT!

16. Print off and scrapbook past pictures.

17. Visit Bath Spa and have a massage.

18. Remember to read more books, not posts.

19. Finish more chapters of my book. {Urban red.}

20. Go curlier with my hair.

21. Enjoy my first wedding anniversary.

22. Maybe do a video blog.

23. Do more with my days off. {Goodbye sitting on the sofa watching daytime telly.}

24. Try and become more organised, tidy for the benefit of my marriage.

25. Drink champagne under the Eiffel Tower.

26. Maybe make a baby!

The picture above is me on either my second or third birthday, I loved all the birthday spreads my mum would do, seriously yummy!

Do you make birthday lists? xo


Is it just me, or do you now find yourself leaving your ‘proper’ camera at home and just taking your iphone? I’m no photography expert but I love the results I get from my iphone’s 4S camera and I like the convenience of having a pretty good point and shoot at my disposal 24/7.

Here’s a few shots I took a little while back that I wouldn’t have taken if I didn’t have my phone in my back pocket. Whenever I see them I’m reminded what a great day M and I had…

I don’t know the first thing about photography, but I am really interested to learn more, so as an early birthday treat to myself, I bought an e-book called Iphone Photography by Misho Baranovic, a street iphoneographer who has showcased his work in galleries throughout the world. I also bought an olloclip which is a clip on lens that attaches easily to the iphone iteslf and allows a micro, wide angle and fish eye view.

I’m excited to get out there and take many more snaps to add to my family album!

Do you find yourself using your phone as a camera more? Which apps do you use? xo

*Remember this post last month? Results on the blog soon! Follow me on instagram @hana_richards

Family + GBK = Perfect Afternoon










A few days ago my mum and youngest brother treated me to a rather calorific yummy lunch at Gourmet Burger. {They do the best angus beef burgers ever!}

It was lovely to spend a lazy afternoon in the company of two of my favourite people, to relax and lark about.

Luca, seems to have changed and grown each time I see him. I’m determined to take as many pictures of him as possible, to capture all the moments that he’s still young and sweet, before he’s lost to boyhood forever and no longer wants cwtches {welsh for hugs} from his eldest sis!

I particuarly love my iphone pictures of him and my mum, so sweet!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, xo hannah

Dream Find Do: Blogging Masterclass

I am a big lover of the Dream Find Do  site, {a hugely supportive and creative, online blogging masterclass} run by two of my favourite bloggers, Rebecca of Florence Finds and Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams.

A couple of weeks ago the site announced that they were holding a two-day blogging workshop in Manchester, to pass on the blogging skills they have learnt to those in the need, i.e me!

Two days of learning everything from photoshop tricks, to developing an advertising programme sounded like blogging heaven, I would have signed up there and then if I weren’t a little broke. {The course costs £500, which is a bargain considering the expert knowledge you’d receive.}

I resigned myself to the thought that I’d have to save some pennies and hope they do another workshop in the not so distant future… until this morning where I awoke to discover they are running a competition to WIN a place at said workshop! Yippee! I’m crossing all fingers and toes that I’m the lucky entrant, partly because I’ve never won anything before, but mostly because I want to go so badly, to network, to meet my blogging heroes and to pick up some skills to transform this little space of mine!

Always one to share, {although a little begrudgingly with this one,} head on over to Dream Find Do and discover for yourself what they’re all about!

Happy blogging, xo

*All pictures supplied by http://www.dreamfinddo.co.uk

If you really knew me

I love these ‘if you really knew me’ posts that are doing the rounds. I enjoy finding out more about my favourite bloggers, hearing what makes them tick, their quirks, discovering their ‘real’ personalities. I thought it’d be fun to share my own version of the post. Happy weekend, xo

If you really knew me…

You would know that I’m a night owl, I like to stay up late and sleep in the next day.

You would know that I adore bright lipsticks, coral, pink, orange, red I have them all.

You’d know how much I secretly love to sing and that I’ve won three karaoke competitions.

If you really knew me…

You would know that I’m a serious worrier, I find it hard to switch off and relax.

You would know that I enjoy my own company, for every minute I spend with someone, I like two to myself. (Excluding the husband!)

You’d know that I have a thing for Vampire programmes, Buffy, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, I just can’t get enough.

If you really knew me…

You would know that I’m a dreamer. I have big things planned for this life of mine! And that one day I’d like to own a business from home.

You would know that I have an irrational fear of aliens, one mention of E.T and I feel physically sick.

You’d know that I was a Grampy’s girl and that my heart still aches for him every single day.

If you really knew me…

You would know that I love to travel and am constantly plotting out places to go.

You would know that I’m learning to speak Spanish and want to spend a few years living in Barcelona.

You’d know that I love being married more than I ever thought possible.

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