Oh, Barcelona

La Sagrada Famillia, Barcelona

I was introduced to her a few years ago and was blown away by her beauty, she had a charisma I’d never experienced before, an effortlessly cool vibe.

She introduced me to architecture by Gaudi and paintings by Picasso, I spent days wandering the many cobbled streets, sun on my face, eyes open in awe. I felt in the strangest of ways that I was home.

Now I eagerly await my return, soaking up Spanish words and phrases; my tongue loves to twist its way through the different vowels and sounds.

I look forward to playing with her down Las Ramblas, and relaxing with a coffee in L’Eixample District, maybe in the afternoons I’d laze under the warm sun with her in Guell park.

I think I left my heart in Barcelona. xo


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