Alex and Rhi


Today my brother Alex and his girlfriend Rhiannon came to visit.

I was a little nervous when my not so little brother started dating, I found it impossible to visualise someone who could slot into our family dynamic, but then along came Rhi. She’s sweet, funny and perfect for him. They seem to get on so well and have a lot of fun together. What more could you want for your brother? Happy Sunday, xo.

P.S Alex has some serious competition for Rhi’s affections, our youngest brother adores her – note his picture hogging! 🙂


Family + GBK = Perfect Afternoon










A few days ago my mum and youngest brother treated me to a rather calorific yummy lunch at Gourmet Burger. {They do the best angus beef burgers ever!}

It was lovely to spend a lazy afternoon in the company of two of my favourite people, to relax and lark about.

Luca, seems to have changed and grown each time I see him. I’m determined to take as many pictures of him as possible, to capture all the moments that he’s still young and sweet, before he’s lost to boyhood forever and no longer wants cwtches {welsh for hugs} from his eldest sis!

I particuarly love my iphone pictures of him and my mum, so sweet!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, xo hannah

Mum and me


Today my mum is coming to visit. I don’t get to see her as much as we’d both like but we talk on the phone {almost} everyday.

She’s such a beautiful, stylish lady; she gave up a lot to have me as a teenager, to give me the best life possible.

I’m so lucky to have her for a mother, if you can’t already tell I heart her lots!

Happy sunday, xo

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