Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! I think Halloween is my favorite festival. Being able to wear fancy dress (whatever your age) and eat lots and lots of sweets is just too much fun! My halloweens look a lot like this. What is your household up to tonight? xo, hannah


Family + GBK = Perfect Afternoon










A few days ago my mum and youngest brother treated me to a rather calorific yummy lunch at Gourmet Burger. {They do the best angus beef burgers ever!}

It was lovely to spend a lazy afternoon in the company of two of my favourite people, to relax and lark about.

Luca, seems to have changed and grown each time I see him. I’m determined to take as many pictures of him as possible, to capture all the moments that he’s still young and sweet, before he’s lost to boyhood forever and no longer wants cwtches {welsh for hugs} from his eldest sis!

I particuarly love my iphone pictures of him and my mum, so sweet!

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, xo hannah

Mum and me


Today my mum is coming to visit. I don’t get to see her as much as we’d both like but we talk on the phone {almost} everyday.

She’s such a beautiful, stylish lady; she gave up a lot to have me as a teenager, to give me the best life possible.

I’m so lucky to have her for a mother, if you can’t already tell I heart her lots!

Happy sunday, xo

On days like today


On hot summer days all you want to do is take it easy and eat ice cream.

If only every day could be as lovely and as simple as this one, xo

Summer holidays, Spiderman and Six year olds

I’ve been looking after my younger brother Luca this week, as he’s started his six-week summer holidays. I adore having him stay and like to be the big sister who makes a fuss and spoils him rotten. Today was lots of fun, we enjoyed The Amazing Spiderman film (that’s really it’s name) and ate chocolate croissants, before visiting the local games arcade.

Having a sibling who is 19 years younger than you is strange to some, but I love it. We get all the sibling fun with none of the rivalry. I just hope that as he grows and matures into the lovely young man I know he’s going to be, he’ll still have time for his old sis. xo

Weekend life

How was your weekend?

Mine was mostly spent snuggled inside with a blanket and giant mug of tea! But on Sunday the husband and I ventured out to my aunt’s house for our annual family bbq.

We had planned on meeting at the beach, but the British weather soon put a stop to that idea! Instead we had a crazy house full of cousins, aunts, uncles and siblings and a giant buffet to share.

I love weekend family time! X






Grampy’s Girl


Today would have been my Grampy’s 91st birthday. How I miss him so.

I’d do anything to make a huge fuss of him and hold his giant hands in mine once more, to hear his voice and see his smile.

Happy birthday Gramps, wherever you are there’s a candle burning just for you today. Xx

Happy Father’s Day!

For today’s post, I wanted to share a retro-style photo of my dad and me, but I  couldn’t find one, so I was a bit stumped on what to write, until I saw these prints by Pen & Stitch. I thought the simplicity of the message was lovely, a perfect Father’s day gift.

Here’s my own message to Mark, my daddy…

Thank you dad for being there whenever I needed you, for always picking up the phone when I rang and rushing to my side whenever asked…

For giving me two of the best siblings a child could wish for…

For coming to every drama performance and everything else I asked you to see…

For welcoming Mathew into our family…

For being bank manager, taxi driver and counsellor all rolled into one…

For your sense of humour and fun…

For being YOU!

From experience I’ve learnt that any man can have children, but it takes a special man to be a father, to love unconditionally.

Dad,  Happy father’s day! XX

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