A Birthday in Bath, Part 2

Good morning and happy Monday! {It’s happy as I’m writing this from the comfort of my living room, rather than being at work! The joy of an extended holiday.} Before I dive into sharing more pictures of my birthday weekend, here’s the link to part 1, in case you missed it.

We were incredibly lucky with the weather, just look at that beautiful blue sky, without a cloud in sight. It meant we were able to walk freely around the streets and enjoy lengthy stays in one of the many square grass courtyards, doing nothing but people watching.

I loved the architecture of the houses. Row upon row of elegant and expensive looking homes, all uniform in colour. Oh to live in a house like this…

It was as we were walking that we came across The Jane Austen Centre. I, like most English graduates studied quite a few of Austen’s novels and whilst I can’t claim to be a ‘huge fan,’ I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a nose around. To be honest I was a little disappointed. I thought {and this was my fault for not doing my homework,} that the centre was where Jane lived in Bath, {I was to find she lived a few doors up, in what is now a dentist practice} and would house some of her personal possessions. It’s actually an exhibition housing paraphernalia relating to the regency period in Bath. The gift shop however was very good and well worth a visit.

A picture of a man

A picture of afternoon tea

After a walk around the magnificent Bath Abbey, we filled our bellies with an afternoon tea for two and headed for home. I had the perfect birthday.

I suspect there was a lot of Bath that we didn’t experience. {The stuff that only locals and those in the know get to hear about.} I’m planning a return trip very soon. So if anyone has any recommendations for things to see and do, please leave me a comment. xo


2 thoughts on “A Birthday in Bath, Part 2

  1. Lovely pics 🙂
    Ooh where to start?! I love making up itineraries for when we have visitors.
    The Holburn museum is newly refurbished and is now completely magical-recognisable from the movie “The Duchess” as her summer home. The thermae spa is a wonderful treat especially at night-it is very romantic up in the roof top hot tub. Komedia is great for shows and I totally recommend the Eastern Eye or Rajpoot for fantastic Indian food in exotic surroundings. Ooh and the fashion museum and the parade gardens and the bath skyline walk (hike) 🙂 I could go on but this would get epic. Perhaps I need to do a blog post!!

    • Thanks for the tips, the rooftop hot tub sounds amazing, I’m already talking to the husband about our return trip and will check out the places you suggested. Also please do a blog post, I’d love to read it!

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