A birthday in Bath, Part 1

Mat and I have a tradition where we try to go ‘away’ to celebrate our birthdays, last year we were in Madrid for mine and the year before that NYC for his. This year, for my 26th, we decided to stay closer to home and visit Bath, a sweet city full of Georgian architecture, about an hours train ride from home.

It’s a city I’d often been to in passing, but never really taken the time to walk along the streets and soak up the ambiance. It really is a beautiful place, full of history and charm and museums galore. I thought I’d share a few details about our trip with you today…

One of the things I liked about Bath was the fact that the train station {Bath Spa} quite literally drops you off in the heart of the city, within walking distance to everything, the shops, arcades, theatre, abbey and the Roman Baths Museum. This was where Mat and I found ourselves on Friday morning and decided to take a look.

It’s an awe-inspiring place where you get to literally walk where the Roman’s walked on 2000 year old pavements. The museum hands out these nifty ‘phone-like’ devices so that you can listen to commentaries by different historians as you move around the centre. I found it so interesting and was definitely one of the highlights of our stay.

I couldn’t stop looking at the skeleton of a man, wondering what life was like for him. His DNA shows that he was Mediterranean in descent which makes me wonder what he was doing in Bath, trading, or like us just visiting?

On our exit, we had the chance to sample some of the water. (The Bath, is the only natural hot spring in the UK,) it was a strangely sweet and warm, which just sums up exactly what we thought of this very lovely museum.

I took way to many pictures to squeeze into one post, part 2 of A Birthday in Bath coming tomorrow.Β Have a great weekend, xo



3 thoughts on “A birthday in Bath, Part 1

  1. I just started following you here and then you pop up in my city! I love the baths-did you see the stalagmites? They look like eggs?! I look forward to seeing where else you went-it’s always nice to see Bath through a visitor’s eyes πŸ™‚

    • Yes we did, I really liked Bath i’d been to the theatre a few times before but it was fun to be super touristy, i loved all the little square gardens everywhere. Spent a good hour lazing on the grass, under the sun! Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

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