26 things to do at 26

In a few days I turn 26. {Yikes, no more 19-25 box ticking and hello 26-34!} 25 was a good year for me, I started this little blog, got married to the greatest man and realised what I want to do with my life. I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve in the next year and made a little list…

1. Teach myself Spanish.

2. Keep more dates night with Mathew, and photograph them more.

3. Buy a digital SLR and use it!

4. Look for a house.

5.Learn to forget the small stuff.

6. Take a trip to Edinburgh.

7.Bake a birthday cake.

8. Make new friends.

9. Have a blog makeover. {Uber-excited about this one!}

10. Surround myself with positivity. {People, work, reading material}

11. Make ice cream from scratch.

12. Grow my blog, work on features.

13, Stay in bed all day with my husband. {This may involve building a fort!}

14. Make new Christmas traditions.

15. Master Photoshop. I.CAN.DO.IT!

16. Print off and scrapbook past pictures.

17. Visit Bath Spa and have a massage.

18. Remember to read more books, not posts.

19. Finish more chapters of my book. {Urban red.}

20. Go curlier with my hair.

21. Enjoy my first wedding anniversary.

22. Maybe do a video blog.

23. Do more with my days off. {Goodbye sitting on the sofa watching daytime telly.}

24. Try and become more organised, tidy for the benefit of my marriage.

25. Drink champagne under the Eiffel Tower.

26. Maybe make a baby!

The picture above is me on either my second or third birthday, I loved all the birthday spreads my mum would do, seriously yummy!

Do you make birthday lists? xo


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