Is it just me, or do you now find yourself leaving your ‘proper’ camera at home and just taking your iphone? I’m no photography expert but I love the results I get from my iphone’s 4S camera and I like the convenience of having a pretty good point and shoot at my disposal 24/7.

Here’s a few shots I took a little while back that I wouldn’t have taken if I didn’t have my phone in my back pocket. Whenever I see them I’m reminded what a great day M and I had…

I don’t know the first thing about photography, but I am really interested to learn more, so as an early birthday treat to myself, I bought an e-book called Iphone Photography by Misho Baranovic, a street iphoneographer who has showcased his work in galleries throughout the world. I also bought an olloclip which is a clip on lens that attaches easily to the iphone iteslf and allows a micro, wide angle and fish eye view.

I’m excited to get out there and take many more snaps to add to my family album!

Do you find yourself using your phone as a camera more? Which apps do you use? xo

*Remember this post last month? Results on the blog soon! Follow me on instagram @hana_richards


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