Dream Find Do: Blogging Masterclass

I am a big lover of the Dream Find Do  site, {a hugely supportive and creative, online blogging masterclass} run by two of my favourite bloggers, Rebecca of Florence Finds and Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams.

A couple of weeks ago the site announced that they were holding a two-day blogging workshop in Manchester, to pass on the blogging skills they have learnt to those in the need, i.e me!

Two days of learning everything from photoshop tricks, to developing an advertising programme sounded like blogging heaven, I would have signed up there and then if I weren’t a little broke. {The course costs £500, which is a bargain considering the expert knowledge you’d receive.}

I resigned myself to the thought that I’d have to save some pennies and hope they do another workshop in the not so distant future… until this morning where I awoke to discover they are running a competition to WIN a place at said workshop! Yippee! I’m crossing all fingers and toes that I’m the lucky entrant, partly because I’ve never won anything before, but mostly because I want to go so badly, to network, to meet my blogging heroes and to pick up some skills to transform this little space of mine!

Always one to share, {although a little begrudgingly with this one,} head on over to Dream Find Do and discover for yourself what they’re all about!

Happy blogging, xo

*All pictures supplied by http://www.dreamfinddo.co.uk


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