Wednesday Wishlist: Bonny Boutique

Can you believe another week has flown by already? It’ll be Christmas before we know it at this rate! This week I’ve been looking to spruce up our living room sofa. I’m going to buy some new cushions, {the husband just loves my obsession with pillows} and maybe a fancy throw.

I adore these fun creations by Bonny Boutique, who specialise in handmade soft furnishings, stitched from recycled and vintage fabrics. Gorgeous and green! I particularly like the moustache cushion, as little touches of whimsey like these make all the difference in turning houses into homes.

I think their bunting is pretty sweet too, especially as they offer a custom design service, if only I’d known about them in time for my wedding! Though I may order the 2012 bunting and have it as a keepsake of this momentous year.

Isn’t this shop the cutest find? Do you have a home DIY project your working on? I’d love to hear about it. xo, Hannah

*This is NOT a sposored post, all pictures from taken by Kathleen Walsh


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