My Riverstation Wedding, Part 2

Thank you for your sweet emails and tweets regarding Part 1 of my wedding report. Here’s the second (and my favourite) part, happy Sunday! xx

We didn’t want a reception that was too formal, we thought about having champagne and canapes, but to be honest we found that it just wasn’t us! Instead we had bottles of beer in ice, glasses of fruit filled Pimms, and cosmopolitan cocktails. (My poison of choice!) We loved seeing all our friends and family under one roof and it was great to catch up with people we hadn’t seen for a while, like my uncle and his family who flew over from Sweden.

Riverstation was decked out in all the wedding paraphernalia I’d collected over the past few months, there were different sized wicker hearts hanging from the beams and hundreds of jars of candles dotted about. After seeing so much wedding pretty on other blogs, it was tempting to go all out on decor, but the venue was so lovely on its own with such a great setting I felt the simple approach would work best and on the day the space felt like ours.

Our  guests seemed to like a book that my mum and Mat’s parents had painstakingly put together, containing pictures of Mat and I from every year of our birth up until the wedding, it must have taken them weeks to do and was so sweet. It is without a doubt my favourite wedding present.

 Mat and I decided to leave the reception to sneak off for some one-on-one shots. This was something very important to us, as not only would we get a chance to take a few minutes alone to relish being husband and wife, but we’d get some pretty awesome pictures to remember it all by! In the end we spent almost an hour away, as we were having so much fun!

A girl named Maria…

The wedding photography was a big consideration for us, as after all once the wedding’s over you’re left with two things; the rings and the Pictures! I met Maria at a wedding fayre a good year or so before the wedding. I loved her work, it was modern yet vintage inspired at the same time and she was seriously nice!

We met a lot of photographers to be sure, but they all seemed to be the typical cheesy types and Maria was the only one I felt comfortable with and could imagine being with us on the day. As it was, it was like having an extra bridesmaid in the room! We’ve been really happy with our pictures- she just got what we were looking for.

Mat and I had our photographs taken in and around Bristol city centre, we liked the urban feel of the city mixed with the industrial harbor background. We laughed our way through the shoot, both a little giddy from the excitement of the day. I’d never felt so much love for him and we were both thrilled to finally ‘be married!’

I especially like our shots at the train tracks, as my late grandfather loved trains! It felt like a fitting tribute to him to have our pictures taken there, I know he would have appreciated it! We also raised a toast during our speeches to both mat and my Grandmothers. Our hearts ached not to have them there with us, but I like to think they were looking down on us!

There’s a picture that Maria took of our wedding rings which I love, I may have it made into a canvas. As a jeweller it was pretty easy to source our wedding bands. I had a slim diamond claw set ring to sit under my pear cut solitaire and created a modern looking flat, matte finished band for Mathew. He trusted me with the designs and didn’t actually see the finished products until a week or so before, trusting or what?

Before we knew it, the evening reception had started…

One of the best parts of having a restaurant as a wedding venue was the freedom we had over the food! We had free reign to design our own menu and guests could choose what they wanted to eat on the day! We had choices of lamb, salmon and chicken and they were all incredible, even now guests tell us how much they enjoyed their meals! We only had a two-course meal as I’d planned a dessert table for the evening.

A highlight of the day was the best-man’s speech. Greg, one of Mat’s brother’s had been planning it for months and I was looking forward to hearing it, if a little nervous in case he’d dug up some dirt on us! But it was hilarious and sweet! He used cards signalling the audience to cheer, laugh and clap on que! Genius!

Let’s talk about cake…

Anyone who knows me knows I have the sweetest tooth! So when it came to a wedding cake we really couldn’t decide what to have. In the end we decided to have them all and go for a dessert table. Our friend Deb has a business called Love, Peace and Cupcake and she created giant chocolate and victoria sponge cakes and a selection of cake pops! To say they were amazing is an understatement, they were the best cakes I’ve ever tasted!

One bit of advice I can give to others is plan your group photographs in advance. We sat down with Maria before the wedding and gave her a list of ‘must have’ shots,’ she then managed which people we needed in each frame, it was so much easier that way and less stressful!

Another bit of advice is that no matter how much you plan, things can still go wrong. Just roll with it, as my brother said, ‘at the end of the day as long as you’re married to the one you love, then it was a success.’ Wise words.

We hired a DJ for the evening reception and danced our first dance to Johnny Cash, Memories are made of these. It was this part of the day I was least looking forward to, as I have two left feet and Mat had ignored my pleas to practice at home beforehand. But he held on to me tightly and gracefully swung me around like a pro.

And before I knew it Mat and I were making our way back to our hotel as Mr and Mrs Richards. I loved our day, I’m sad I don’t get to plan it all again, except when we do our crazy Vegas vow renewals.  But I’m so glad I get to re-live the day through our photo album.

So that’s it my lovelies, my Riverstation wedding report! Hope you enjoyed, xo

p.s how cute does my baby bro look in his suit and converse?


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