Benefit Brow Zings

I recently purchased some of my first pieces of Benefit makeup, (I know I’m super late to the party!) But I thought I’d do a quick review on their Brow Zings, a product which promises to shape and fill out eyebrows. I was really keen to try this out as I find my brows too light for my olive skin and dark hair. Plus you get a cute pair of mini-tweezers which are so handy for carrying around in your handbag!

(Please excuse the picture quality, I made the mistake of taking some of these at night, will be investing in a proper camera soon!)

I really liked this product, the colours weren’t too harsh or dark and I feel it gave a natural result…



The kit cost £21, I’m not sure if I’d buy it again as now I have the mini-brushes and tools from the kit I could probably recreate the look with similar shades of brown eyeshadow, but overall I like the fuller look it gave my brows, so big points for that!

What do you use for your brows grooming? xo


2 thoughts on “Benefit Brow Zings

  1. I love Benefit Cosmetics! I haven’t tried the Brow Zings but that might be next on my list. Their Coralista blush is my absolute favorite!

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