Should I?

I did a little shopping today and spent way too much. But one thing I didn’t buy (and it’s haunting me now,) is this cute tomato red bag from Oasis. It’s summery, soft and a steal at £40.

It’ll go perfectly with the green denim jeans I bought and has just the right colour pigment to clash nicely with my fave MAC Rubywoo red lipstick. LOVE!

But as the owner of a zillion bags, (including a few Mulberry’s, which I’ve been meaning to do a post on) I suspect I’ll wear it for a few weeks and then leave it forgotten at the bottom of my wardrobe, when something better comes along. I.E this little beauty …

the Mulberry Daria Satchel, as worn by the gorgeous Leighton Meester. (If only I morph into her when wearing it!)

I still can’t decide whether to save the pennies for the Mulberry, or go cheap and satisfy my bag cravings now.

You know if some kind person,  husband , would like to buy the Oasis bag for me they can do so here!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend,

xo, hannah


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