The next chapter

So, almost two years after he proposed, I got to marry my best friend. I’m still walking on air five weeks on.

Everyone tells you that your wedding day is the best day of your life and that it goes by in a blur. They’re right, it is and it does! I’m glad Mat and I took some time after the ceremony to slink off and have some one-on-one time. Those moments between us, to share the excitement and awe at becoming husband and wife will stay with me forever. I’m so pleased our photographer was there to capture our joy.

We recently got asked if it feels different being married? And we both responded, yes and no. No, in that it feels the same as it always has for the last few years, (in our minds we were practically hitched anyway by living together!) But yes, in that  everything is now nicely official. We are officially a family, related, bound together. It’s the best feeling and one I’m probably not describing very well.

I revel in the calmness of our relationship. The unity in knowing that no matter what happens, I am his and he is mine. We’re team us, team Richards, as we say.

I feel lucky to have met someone like Mat at such a young age, we get to grow up together and experience life together. We have so many shared hopes and dreams for our future and now they seem like just a step away.

It’s funny that when you’ve been in a relationship a while, people start asking when will there be a proposal and then when’s the wedding? At our reception we were asked when’s the baby? I guess it’s the natural progression of things and who knows what the future will bring, but the possibilities make my heart soar.

XO, Hannah

(Ps. The pic above, isn’t our wedding day, but was taken at my mum’s wedding a couple of years ago; we may look older now and the hairstyles might have changed, but we’re still just as crazy in love… our wedding pictures are coming soon!! x)


3 thoughts on “The next chapter

  1. I just got married and am asked the same question: “Do you feel any different?” We answer mostly no too… we lived together for years before we made it official. But it is nice to say “my husband” now instead of “my boyfriend,” 🙂

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