Greetings from Egypt

Hello all,

I’m enjoying life as a newlywed and especially enjoying it in Egypt! Couldn’t go a week without blogging, so until I resume a more regular schedule next week, here’s some hol pics to tide you over!

Full holiday report (with plenty of snaps) coming soon! Xx

Ps. Wish you were here!





3 thoughts on “Greetings from Egypt

  1. The pics look amazing! My husband and I are already married (we eloepd! but plan to have a larger ceremony next summer) but probably won’t honeymoon for another year… and we are trying to decide where we would like to go… Was Eygpt easy to get around?

    • It was but we didn’t leave the hotel! To be honest we treated it as a mini-moon (off to Sweden in a few weeks) as there is lots of building work in Sharm El Sheikh where we stayed and its not too safe in Cairo at the moment, I’d recommend Morocco though! (we stayed in Agadir but travelled all over incl Marrakech which was amazing, and much more of an experience! Enjoy xx

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