DECOR TO ADORE: Home Offices

Prehaps it’s one of the side effects of living in a rented flat, but I often find myself reading interior design magazines and mentally decorating my house of the (hopefully not so distant) future. It’s a secret past-time and one that has increased ten-fold thanks to the invention of Pinterest.

This week I’ve found myself drawn to home offices…

I like workspaces that are light and minimalist, with clutter tucked out of sight. Take the image below; it’s a practical workstation, yet dashes of colour through a rug here and a folder there, make the space feel homely and if I throw in the swanky Mac computer, it’s my ideal office. (Though judging by that fabulous yellow fireplace lurking in the picture’s background, it’s my ideal house!)

 Here are just a few of the other pictures in my secret stash of design porn…
{Please click on my pinterest link to view the original sources, for each picture}
What type of office do you like? I love the chalkboard calender in picture six and the retro time screen saver in three.
I’m also a big fan of inspiration boards, number eight’s is so pretty! Now all I need is a house!
Big blog love,
Hannah x


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