Film review: the Hunger Games ***

There’s a buzz about a new film out, called The Hunger Games. Adapted from a novel by Suzanne Collins, the film (the first in a set of three,) tells the story of Katniss a 16 year old girl living in the post-apocalyptic world of Panem. Formally North America, the country is now made up of 12 districts and the capitol. As punishments for past uprisings against the capitol, every year a lottery is held where each district must offer a tribute. One boy and one girl who must fight in The Hunger Games, a gladiator style reality TV show, where the contestants fight to the death.

I enjoyed this film, the concept was interesting, with themes of Big Brother is watching you and the struggle for self-perservation. It was well paced, but prehaps a little predictable. Lead actress Jennifer Lawrence played her part well and quickly gained sympathy with the audience.

I’m looking forward to the next installments and am tempted to buy the books in the meantime.

So has anyone read The Hunger Games? What did you think? And if you’ve also seen the film are the books considerably better? X



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