This week i’m loving: Apple Macbooks

Or more specifically the Apple Macbook Air’s. My old Toshiba laptop, which I’ve had for the best part of a decade, has seen better days; the screen has a big black spot from where I dropped it a few years ago and is missing a few keys. Plus it seems to be full on the memory side of things, despite repeated attempts by me to clear it of any unwanted weight. (It looks to have gotten fat from all those website cookies!)

So the hunt for a new laptop is on, I want something stylish, portable and powerful. I mostly use my laptop for browsing the web, watching tv and for the occasional word and excel document. It’s my new years resolution to really work on my blog this year, so I plan on getting photoshop and some other cool software to help spruce up the design side of things.

And if I’m really honest what I want is an apple laptop. I’m a self-confessed apple fan, ever since that first ipod nano came my way, but I have never been able to afford (and possibly still can’t) an apple mac computer. It may be the prestige and style that comes with them that makes me heart them so bad!

I’ve been into the apple shop to have a look and I’m definitely set on the MBA’s, even if the sales staff tried to persuade me to go for a Pro instead. (I know you get more for your money, but next to the MBA’s they look clunky! See pic below)


I’m torn between the 11″, 4GB 128GB MBA version at £999 and the £1099 13″ version with the extra slot for an SD card. I may even bump it up to the 256gb versions, funds permitting. But will the 11″ be too small to use photoshop to its best advantage? Will the 13″ be too large to carry around? I quite like the idea of using it during my lunch breaks at work. The 11″ in so small and cute and (I’m not sure why I’m concerned about this, but for some reason I like this fact) fits into the tray on planes!)

M wants me to get an ipad, or a HP notebook. He thinks Macbooks are overpriced. He may be right, but I still want one. Especially as, I’m not an ipad fan. I have my iphone which does the job on pretty much everthing for me, so I’m not sure I’d use an ipad much. Plus I really like typing on a proper keyboard for most things.

So please help a girl out, are you a Macbook Air owner? Are they worth your hard-earned cash? Which spec and size did you go for? What’s the performance like with apps such as photoshop? And should I buy one? x


3 thoughts on “This week i’m loving: Apple Macbooks

  1. I LOVE macbooks! of any kind haha. I have a macbook pro and it is fab! If you buy from the apple website they do finance – so you might be able to get a better spec… I have heard good things about the MBA, but I can’t offer advice about photoshop etc, but it works fine on my mac book pro.

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