Mad about Zara

Is it just me or is Zara seriously good right now? Now I know that our favourite high street shop is normally good, but I’ve just been shopping online and damn I wanted everything!

Here’s a few items on the wish list…

{Zara Plaited Shopper}

This beauty has been on my wish list for a while,  with its chic styling you can see why it’s been favoured by the likes of celebrities, such as Olivia Palermo. It went out of stock for a while in the tan colour, (I know I checked frequently) but recently came back, along with new shades blue and cream. I think this bag may be my first post wedding purchase.

{Zara Basic Sandal}

I really like this shoe, the orange really stands out against the black and cream block colouring, yet the simple design keeps it effortlessly cool. Shoe heaven.

One of the things I enjoy about Zara’s website is that they display clothes in entire outfits…

It helps me visualise what I have already in my wardrobe to match, I sometimes also copy whole outfits, with a few tweaks here and there. Here’s a few looks I’m tempted to play around with…

Above is my favourite day look and below are a few of the evening styles I wouldn’t mind showing off…

Shop online at Zara here X


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