Last night M and I had a date night, probably one of the last we’ll have before we’re a married couple. I relish these moments between us, I love our life together and hope that once we’re husband and wife we will continue these outings.

We went to see one of our favourite bands, Florence and the Machine at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, formerly the CIA. (I hate it when they change the name for the sake of advertising!) We arrived late, having decided to try and miss the long line of people queuing to get in, so we got there just in time to catch the last few tracks of the warm up act, The Horrors. These we’re ok, not my cup of tea, but they could play their instruments well and hold a tune. For those who enjoy indie rock they may be worth a lookup.

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Now onto Florence and the Machine…

Lead singer Florence Welch on the other hand was amazing, I know why her debut album was titled Lungs, because dear god that girl has a set of lungs on her! Her voice and the power behind it was incredible, she had such charisma on stage, I literally had goosebumps listening. Like all good artists they played the big hits such as Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), Dog Days are Over and my all time favourite, You’ve Got The Love. This is the song M and I plan to walk out of our wedding to, so I was thrilled it played.

She also played some new tracks from the current album Ceremonials with What the Water Gave Me and Shake it Out as stand out songs for me. I really wanted to post some bad quality cos I was stood too far away to see anything videos showing off the amazing live talent that is Miss Welch, but my pc isn’t playing nice. Hopefully I can get that sorted and upload some soon but below are two of the band’s best work.

I know I have a few American and other foreign followers and I’m not sure how big Florence and the Machine is abroad? So these are mostly for people who may not have heard much of them before, enjoy and tell me what you think! x

{Florence and the Machine- Dog Days are Over}

{Florence and the Machine- Shake it Out}


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