Cake topper inspiration

I’ve been looking today to buy cake toppers for my wedding cakes. That’s right people, multiple cakes. We’re having three, Chocolate fudge, victoria sponge and lemon cheesecake, yum, yum and yum!

I seem to be drawn to anything that has a bird design on it, or bunting. Strange as these are not really features at our urban, cocktail wedding. Maybe I can make it work? I’m loving the follow designs…

{L-R all from by Leah, 2.Photography by Renaissance studios, 3. Katie Osgood Photography, Photography by Meghann Gregory, 4. Sweet Little Photographs.}


6 thoughts on “Cake topper inspiration

  1. So cute! I love the whimsy of the toppers you’re looking at. I am drawn to this type, as well, and have actually not made a decision. I don’t want anything traditional. When is your wedding date?

  2. Cute cake toppers. A bit of whimsy to start your married life is wonderful. Fun, smiles and laughter will lead to a long and happy laugh together. Here is wishing all of that and more.

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