20 Questions

I saw these on a wedding forum (strangely they’re not about weddings) and thought they may be a fun post… so here’s 20 questions and answers about me, I’d love it if you’d comment and leave your answers too! I’m so nosy, but here goes…

1. Whats the best book you have ever read?

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, about a futuristic, totalitarian society which speaks volumes about the world we live in today. I’ve must have read it a dozen times.

2. What was your best/worst subject at school?

Best was drama. I lived for performing, shame I haven’t got the time for it now. Worst were  either Maths or PE. When I left school and received my leavers book, (which is a book where each teacher is supposed to leave a list of positive attributes for employers/universities to read,)  my PE teacher wrote one line only saying ‘Hannah sometimes participates.’ Ouch!

3. Whats your favorite meal of the day and what do you like eating?
Dinner is my favourite meal as that one can come with dessert. I have a seriously sweet tooth and have been known to devour a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s by myself. Ice cream is one of the best inventions ever created.

4. What’s your favorite tv show?
Too many to pick out a single one, but this year I’m into Mad Men, True Blood, Ringer, Gossip Girl, Hart of Dixie, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. But I am also a HUGE Sex and the City fan.

5. Whats your favorite color?
Changes on a weekly basis, this week, pink.

6. Whats your favorite number?
7, I was born on the 7th September so for me its a lucky number. Quite jealous of Harper Beckham having seven as a middle name, I’d definitely consider that for my kid!

7. What are some of you pet peeves?
People abusing the benefit system. And having to pay NI for said scroungers. Also when M cuts his toenails in the living room… it’s gross! EDIT- As I’m writing this M is yelling at the sports on the telly, he’s such a boy!!

8. What are a few things you like in people?
Good manners, the p’s and t’s make all the difference!

9. Whats are some that you don’t like?
When people swear unnecessarily, it’s vulgar.

10. Do you have any role models?
Cheesy, but my mother. She’s such a strong woman. She recently took a gamble and changed careers, not sure I would have had the same guts and determination as her, but I hope I do. I heart her lots!

11. Whats the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
I once walked into a rather packed pub and sat on a chair which collapsed to the floor in the most deafening of thuds. EVERY single person in the room turned to look at me and laughed. I also had an accident with hair dye at 16 when I was convinced that my dark brunette locks would look way better blonde. It went tango orange… oh the shame!

12. What would you say your personality is like?
According to M, bubbly, friendly… according to me, probably a bit too serious. I also acquire new obsessions, such as wanting a puggle puppy or pashley bicycle… one day!

13.Whats your idea of the perfect date?
My first date with M was pretty sweet, he took me to see The Longest Yard at the cinema, then we had a few drinks at a swanky bar.. not bad for our 18 yr old selves. We still date now and some of the best ones are when we pack a picnic hamper and go lounge out in a park or beach somewhere.

14. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
Thailand, one of my new obsessions. May go later this year, if I can persuade M.

15. What is your favorite time of day?
Bed time, curled up with M chatting about our day, it never fails to calm me. I love those quiet moments.

16. Do you have any brother or sisters?
I’m the eldest of four, I have a younger sister who’s 22. She had meningitis when she was four and has some learning difficulties as a result, she can be testing, as all sisters go, but I love her to bits! I have a younger brother who just turned 20, we’re really close and is developing into a nice young man and I have a baby brother who has just turned 6! He’s got me wrapped around his little finger but I absolutely adore him.

17. What is your earliest childhood memory?
Being pushed in my pushchair along side a canal by my grampy. I was such a grampy’s girl, I miss him so much.

18. What style bag are you using today?
A Mulberry Daria clutch in the Oxblood shade. I love Mulberry bags, only have two so far but have room in my wardrobe for a whole lot more!

19. Whats your favorite season?
Spring, I love the transition from dark nights to longer days, the promise of warm weather, eating outside and the abundance of flowers and pretty clothes. It’s the season of new beginnings. This is why M and I have chosen to marry in spring.

20. What are you doing tomorrow?

Meeting my mum and siblings for a big sunday lunch. I’m going to wear my new purple colour pop jeans and eat far too much so that I may have to undo the top button – always a sign of a good dinner!

So there’s a little bit about me… your turn! x


One thought on “20 Questions

  1. ok mayb fun…

    1-little women, i love it
    2-art was my best, hated geography
    3-dinner time- love chinese
    4-satc too!!
    6-dont really have 1?
    7-playing music really loud through headphones!
    8-when people pay you compliments
    10-my mom as well, shes awesome!
    11-when a boy at school told everyone we made out! so not true!!
    12-laid back, arty, bohemian
    13-going to the theatre
    14- im saving to go travelling in china
    15- bedtime!!
    16-younger brother- hes 17, im 20
    17-not sure what my earliest memory is, my memory is really bad, cant remember last week!
    18-a cute tan satchel
    19-summer, i like the heat
    20-working 😦

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