My Wedding Tea Towel

Those who follow me on twitter would have already had a sneaky peek of this, so I apologise but I couldn’t help but post again about my wedding invites.

I was after an unusual invite design from day one and spent ages sourcing through some designs on Etsy and nearly settled on one of the following styles from Artcardia (pictured below)


I loved the fonts and letterpress print and I thought I was sold until I came across a company called My Wedding Tea Towel.

Started by Karen and Ben Brown in 2009, they were a couple looking for unique invites, especially so as Ben was a designer by trade. They struck upon the idea of sending tea towels and got such a positive response that they quickly went into business for other couples.

And I’m so glad they did, the invites are quirky and fun, not to mention environmentally friendly. I couldn’t bear the thought of spending a fortune on something that people put away in a drawer, this is something our guests would use and hopefully love. Plus, they’d never have an excuse to forget our wedding anniversary! We promptly placed an order and here’s the finished result…

I’m so pleased with it… what do you think? x



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