I’ve been having a look through my wardrobe and boy do I need a serious sort out. I  admit that it’s been way too long since I’ve had a splurge on clothes and it shows. Currently  I wear about 20% of my wardrobe and the rest either doesn’t fit, is too worn or is just not liked anymore!

Fresh start…

I have a week off soon, so plan to divide all my clothes into three piles; keep, donate and chuck, then I’m going to start my wardrobe again from scratch. That’s right, I’m going to build a WHOLE NEW WARDROBE!! I’m excited at the thought of beginning married life with a whole new set of clothes and maybe it will help me finally feel like a grown-up, rather than the young student I sometimes still dress like.

One of the items on my wardrobe wish list is the DKNY cozy – though it may be months until I’ve saved enough pennies to actually buy one!  You might have  already guessed I’m partial to items with versatility from one of my earlier posts on the gorgeous Two Birds dress and this lovely cardigan can we worn in several different ways too. One of my favourite looks with this piece is the ballerina style wrap, so simple and sophisticated.

See the video below for the tying techniques and general loveliness…


I may pop into my local store tomorrow to try one on and in case I get tempted I’m going to drag a friend with me to remind me that I still have a wedding to pay for… watch this space! x


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