Who’s in it…

Rachel McAdams (from the ultimate chick flick The Notebook) and Channing Tatum, that cutie from the teen dance movie Step Up.

What’s it all about…

McAdams and Tatum play Paige and Leo, a pair of madly in love newlyweds, until a car crash wipes Paige’s memory clean of the last five years. Paige awakes with no idea who Leo is and believes she is still engaged to someone else. Devastated, Leo tries to make her fall in love with him all over again. Sadly, the film was inspired by real-life events.

Best to watch at…

The cinema, late at night so not many people will see your mascara streamed face as you exit, or wait for the dvd and have a movie night in with the girls.

My Verdict…

I really enjoyed this film, McAdams did an excellent job of playing the confused young wife and you really wanted her to remember her husband and fall in love with him all over again. But, for me,  where the film ultimately triumphed was how it tackled themes of identity. Does the little decisions we make in life shape who we are? And would we still make the same choices if the slate was wiped clean? Wether its stay with the same man or take a risk and change careers.

What I really loved about this film, was the emphasis on love and marriage. For better, for worse… In sickness and in health. As somebody who will be saying these words in a few short weeks I hope I never need to be tested in the ways that these characters have, but I know that the love I feel for my husband-to-be will overcome any obstacle we may face in the future.


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