Anyone who knows me knows I have a ridiculously sweet tooth. So I was thrilled to chance upon the sweetest cake shop in Belgravia, London called Peggy Porschen. I can’t believe I hadn’t come across it or heard of it before.

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Run by Peggy Porshen, a super talented cake designer, the company make yummy layer cakes, cupcakes and cookies on sale in their parlour, but also create bespoke wedding cakes in their bridal boutique. Their designs are elegant and would make a show stopping addition to any event, plus they taste divine!

A PP bride is keeping seriously good company, as the brand has been comissioned to provide treats for A-list events such as Elton John’s white tie and tiara ball and Stella McCartney’s wedding, to name a few.

I last visited the parlour with my mum and future MIL and between us we feasted on a variety of goodies, including my personal favourite, glorious vanilla layer cake. It was heaven! The parlour itself, is such a visual treat, with chic vintage styling and eye catching window displays.

I’d recommend having a nose on Ms. Porchen’s website, where you can even pick up some gifts for the home. I’m eyeing a particularly cute baking pinny.

If you have a good cake shop near you, please drop me a comment, it’s always nice to hear about where I can get my next sugar rush whilst on my travels! x

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