All coming together… Part 1

I got engaged in July 2010 and felt like there were a million years between then and my wedding date, of April this year. Now that its just mere weeks away, I’m getting really excited! Mostly we’ve stuck to our initial idea; a contemporary, relaxed and informal wedding with lots of personal D-I-Y touches. I thought I would spend a post or two reflecting on the planning process and what we’ve come up with so far, partly because this would be a great way for me to document some of the ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of our day and share some of the amazing suppliers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. And besides, who doesn’t love a bit of wedding talk?!

The Dress!

Jason Wu

Jason Wu wedding dress from Net-A-Porter

Oh my, the dress! The first thing I did as soon as I got engaged, was start to look at dresses online and in magazines, dreaming about what I would choose for the big day. I knew what I didn’t want, but there were so many possibilities and styles to explore, each suggesting different things about my own personal taste and style of wedding.

(At this stage M and I hadn’t yet decided on a venue and were flirting with a few ideas.)

♥ A wedding abroad, possibly Florence
♥ A small intimate country chic wedding in a boutique hotel somewhere
♥ A rustic barn wedding, very vintage and village fete
♥ A chic London registry office do, followed by a slap up meal at a Michelin starred restaurant

Each wedding suggested a different type of dress. I stalked the pages of Net-A-Porter daily, (especially as they have the most fabulous online bridal boutique!) And loved EVERYTHING, I kid you not, I ooed and ahhed and daydreamed about pretty much every dress I saw, especially the utterly gorgeous Jason Wu dress strutting its sexy stuff at the top of this post! As I wasn’t planning on buying, or even trying on a dress until we had a date and a venue booked, (as I felt a bit of a bridal fraud,) W-dress shopping became a bit of a guilty pleasure!

And secretly indulge I did! I fell in love with all the big labels, such as the British design queens Sassi Holford, (creator of Royal bride Autumn Kelly’s gown) and Stephanie Allin, another super talented dressmaker. After a visit to Suzanne James Bridal Boutique in Cardiff, I dreamt of becoming an Amanda Wakely bride.

Designs by Amanda Wakely

I was beginning to narrow down the type of dress I wanted, slinky and sexy with some sort of strap. Now the only problem was how I was going to afford it all! I decided to stop looking at the higher end of the market and cast my eye further afield. Monsoon do some gorgeous bridal wear and I was surprised to learn that my local store even had a private and beautifully decorated changing area, equipped with big comfy sofas and my very own bridal style consultant! House of Fraser have also welcomed a great brand, infamous in the sixties and seventies, Biba, who do fashion savvy dresses at affordable prices.

Monsoon Wedding dress

Biba Wedding dress

Yet I kept drifting back to the dream dresses. There were beautifully embellished ones to lust over, such as those by Claire Pettibone, who also makes the most exquisite lingerie!

Designs by Claire Pettibone

And I even started fantasising about owning a vintage dress and scoured the web frequently, which led me to the vintage meets modern style of Temperley London dresses. Beauts!

Designs by Temperley London

It was this last search that led me to the designer who captured everything I was looking for, in fact she blew the other designers bang out of the water!


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