That time of year again

It pains me to admit I’m not really into Christmas this year. It just doesn’t feel festive or special yet. Maybe because it starts earlier and earlier every year, anyone else see Xmas campaigns in September? Or maybe it’s because I work in retail and have to put up with punishing long shifts and customers who go more than a little crazy in the month of December.

However, I am determined to try to lighten my Christmas spirit  by embarking on lots of festive activities, ice skating with family, making home-made ginger bread cookies and watching super Christmassy films, such as Miracle on 34th street, Home Alone and of course Xmas isn’t complete without seeing The Only Fools and Horses episode where Del boy and Rodney are dressed as Batman and Robin.  And if that’s not festive enough some seasonal decor may just do the trick…

John Lewis Tree

My mother actually has this tree and a few of the baubles, looks so pretty and modern!

By Retrophenia

North Pole Cushion by Betsy Jarvis

By Caroline Watts Embroidery


So how about you? In the Christmas mood yet? x


3 thoughts on “That time of year again

  1. I really like the John Lewis tree! I’m not quite in the Christmas mood yet but going to Winter Wonderland in London last week helped quite a bit. I also love going to the German Christmas markets, esppecially the ones in Birmingham and Leeds, enjoy watching your Christmas films 🙂

    • I will on the xmas films, nothing like a bit of 90’s nostalgia! I wasn’t sure on the John Lewis tree at first, too used to a traditional one, but it looks amazing in my mum’s living room, may copy her!

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